Laser module

Laser module

LMBS basic 2

The LMBS basic 2 laser module can be equipped with a wide range of lasers and technical variants and can therefore be adapted to the customer-specific process.

Lasers with a power of between 1 and 200 watts and with wavelengths from UV to FIR can be used. They can be equipped with air or water cooling. The laser module is suitable for integration into higher-level process sequences and can be used for all applications. Different versions of the laser module are shown below and the possible variations are listed. Other possible laser powers for the modules are available on request.


UV (Ultra Violett)

GN (Green)

IR (Infra Red)

FIR (Far Infra Red)

Laser wavelength:

355 nm

532 nm

1064 nm

10600 nm

Laser power ranges:

1 – 30 Watt

1 – 60 Watt

20 – 3000 Watt

30 – 200 Watt

The laser types range from CW (continuous wave) to pulsed lasers with pulse lengths in the picosecond range.
Possible applications: Marking, engraving, labeling, cutting, welding, micromachining.

Laser optics Use of F-theta optics (also telecentric) for a consistently good processing image with sharp structures in the entire processing area.dfdf
Focus-Shifter Shifting the working distance of the laser for a precise processing spot.
Image recognition Automated product detection, position correction, scaling, reporting and process monitoring
Laser power measurement For processes that require constant laser power.
Distance measurement For measuring the working distance of variable products
Remote Control Control of the laser module by a higher-level system, for integration into larger systems or processes. Control via fieldbus, LAN or digital interface possible.
Sealing Protection for dusty environments.

Example configurations:

IR Laser Module

TypePicoseconds Laser
Wavelength1064 nm
OpticsF-Theta Optics f160
Working distance185 mm
Working field110 x 110 mm
Special featuresZ shifter

UV Laser Module

TypeNanosekunden Laser
Wavelength355 nm
OpticsF-Theta Optics f254
Working distance285 mm
Working field175 x 175 mm
Special featuresImage recognition

FIR Laser Module

TypeCO2-CW Laser
Wavelength10600 nm
OpticsSpecial F-theta optics with fine
laser spot for high process accuracy
Working field210 x 210 mm
Special featuresExtended double shielded
dust protection for harsh environments