LMBS basic

The LMBS basic module finds its application in integrating a fully functional unit into an already existing system in order to realize labeling, marking or engraving. The following elements are included in this module:

  • camera observation
  • 4-axis control
  • Image field up to 500 mm diameter
  • image recognition
  • USB port
  • 230V connection

LMBS basic 2

The LMBS basic 2 module can be equipped with a wide range of powerful lasers, from UV to IR. It is suitable for integration into your own process flows and can be used for all applications. The module includes:

  • Laser wavelengths 355nm to 10600nm
  • Laserleistungen 1 bis 100 Watt
  • Mirror deflection units with high-quality focusing optics
  • Camera systems with optional image recognition
  • Mechanical shutter with integration into a higher-level safety control
  • Control and power electronics in a separate control cabinet
  • Process integration via fieldbus or digital interface

LMSS 030

In addition to welding work, the LMSS 030 welding module can also be used to carry out minor cutting work. For this application the module is equipped with:

  • Fiber optic connection for laser
  • Focus variation from 0.15 to 2 mm
  • Lateral jet movement within the nozzle opening
  • camera observation
  • Control via Windows interface


This welding module contains a laser resonator that is flanged to the welding head.

  • Lamp pumped laser 100 watts
  • Focus variation from 0.3 to 2 mm
  • Fixed welding look
  • camera observation
  • Control via multiCAM