We have decades of experience in the development and construction of special laser technology equipment. This experience enables us to offer a wide range of laser processing from micro to macro processing.
The systems are developed and manufactured according to the customer’s ideas and requirements. In order to realize the requirements, the following steps of the development chain are developed by ourselves:

  • Machine design
  • Production of machine parts
  • Electrical planning
  • Electrical construction
  • Software

The quality of the respective application is evaluated during the development process in our application laboratory.
The individual steps of the development process are illustrated in the following diagram.

Development process:

History and laser experiences

1968Second harmonic Nd:glass = 530 nm >
Second harmonic ruby ​​= 347 nm>
Total frequency Nd:glass + ruby ​​= 420 nm>
1978PW-Nd:YAG-Laser, 1,0 J@10 Hz
1980Laser adjustment machines for mechanical filters (3-shift operation)
1983CW-QS-Nd:YAG laser, 5 Watt@25 kHz, single mode
1985Laser adjustment machines for high-ohm resistors in the giga? range (3-shift operation)
1987Laser adjustment machine for quartz filters (center frequency, bandwidth, symmetry)
1988Establishment of a laser application center in the Academy of Sciences
1990Reorientation after reunification
1992Construction of a laser marking system for contract work
1996Construction of a laser marking system for sale
1998Founding of Laser-Mikrotechnologie Dr. Kieburg GmbH
1998Construction of our own laser marking systems for contract work
1999Start of production of LMBS laser marking systems for sale
2000Construction of our own laser welding system for contract work
2002Construction of our own laser micro-processing system for contract work
2004Development of your own labeling software multiCAM
2007Manufacturing laser welding module LMSS and laser marking module LMBS basic
2008Tabletop device for laser marking LMBS desktop
2009Start of production of micro-processing systems LMBS micro
2010Entry into the production of special laser technology equipment with automation, image recognition, online measurement technology, monitoring systems, etc.
2011Decoupling wage work as an independent Dr. Kieburg Lasertech-Services GmbH
2012Entry into ultra-short pulse laser technology, purchase of a picosecond laser
2013Construction of a tri-chromatic processing station
2014Construction of a cutting system for electrode sheets for Li batteries
2015Construction of a cutting-welding marking system