Application lab

Application lab

Various equipment with different lasers are available in the application laboratory for the development of customer-specific solutions. Together with our customers, we thoroughly analyze the problem to be solved and advise them on the effective use of our technology. The result is technical equipment with application tailored to the application.

We have a large selection of lasers in our laboratory that we can use to process your application and design your system:

  • Fiber lasers with an output of up to 3000 W
  • CO2 lasers with an output of up to 200 W
  • GN lasers with an output of up to 5W
  • UV lasers with an output of up to 15W
  • UV picosecond lasers with an output of up to 10W
  • IR picosecond laser with an output of 30W

We also have the following options for handling parts:

  • Linear axes for moving the laser head or the workpiece: X-axis, Y-axis, Z-axis
  • Rotating and swivel units for the workpiece
  • Automation accessories such as pneumatics, grippers, etc.

We have the following options for evaluating the applications;

  • Digital microscope with 5000x magnification
  • Electron microscope with a magnification of 30000x
  • Digital hardness tester according to Vickers

We also have the appropriate optics benches for setting up the optics.

Dafür verwenden wir in unserem Applikationslabor diverse Laser mit den Wellenlängen 355 nm, 532 nm, 1064 nm und 10600 nm und verschiedenen Leistungsparametern.

Equipment application laboratory

LMBS IRFibre laser 200 Watt
Wavelength 1064 nm
Scanner field up to 300 mm
Stage XY 1000×250, rotating device
lettering, deep engraving,
labelling, laser milling,
Scaling, cutting metal foils
LMBS FRCO2 laser 200/80/30 Watt
Wavelength 10600 nm
Scanner field 200/100/70 mm
Stage XY 200×200
Labeling, surfacing, cutting
LMBS desktopFibre laser 50 watt
Wavelength 1070 nm
Scanner field 110 (175) mm
Rotating device
Mobile marking system
LMBS UVDPS laser 8 watt/15 watt
Wavelength 355 nm
Scanner field 15/50/100 mm
Stage XY 300×300
Micromachining down to 5 µm
LTBS 3 in 1Fibre laser 300/3000 Watt
Fibre laser 20 Watt for marking
cutting head, galvo head
Wavelength 1070 nm
Stage XY 600×600, Rotating device
Cut metals up to 3 mm
Welding, Marking
LMBS 3WUltra-short pulse laser
1064 nm / 30 Watt
355 nm / 10 Watt
Stage XY 600 x 600, rotation/tilting device, various measuring instruments
3D machining
Micromachining smaller than 5 µm
more equipmentFibre laser 3/4 kW with beam adjustment
Fibre laser QCW 150/1500 Watt
DPSS 532 nm
Digital microscope up to 5000x magnification
Scanning electron microscope, hardness tester, etc.
Camera’s for image recognitionBeleuchtungen/illumination