Laser-Mikrotechnologie Dr. Kieburg GmbH manufactures equipment for laser technology applications such as cutting, welding, marking, etc.. In addition to standard solutions, the company is primarily dedicated to the development and manufacture of special equipment for innovative laser technologies that are not available on the market due to their specification and unique features. The focus is on equipment for laser micromachining, among other things.

Within the framework of a funding measure of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, the company was recognized as a “Testing and Consulting Center for Laser Technology”.


Lasermikrotechnologie Dr. Kieburg GmbH was founded in 1998 as a one-man company and began business with a self-built laser marking system for services. Today, the company with its increased number of employees is an address for innovative technological and technical solutions for customer applications.

The company’s employees have many years to decades of experience in the development and construction of special laser technology equipment, both for research and development and for continuous use in production.

Our equipment has proven itself in a wide variety of locations: from clean rooms at pharmaceutical companies to production rooms in the metalworking industry.

With our self-developed software for process control and image processing as well as our own technical solutions, we are able to master even complicated and fast running processes.
Together with our customer, we thoroughly analyze the problem to be solved and advise him on the effective use of our technology. The result is technical equipment tailored to his application.

Our company philosophy since 1998 is:

First always the application –
then the optimal equipment!