Micro marking


This data matrix contains 14 x 14 elements on an area of ​​100 µm x 100 µm and is used on small parts with a width of
Positioned 0.35 mm in the middle.
To ensure reproducibility and readability, the height of the focus may only deviate within a range of +/- 15 µm. Since the parts have a manufacturing tolerance of +/-80 µm, the height of each part must be measured and the focus distance adjusted.
The process time is 0.3 s including positioning via image processing, measuring the part height, adjusting the focus and lasering the data matrix.

Standalone laser devices

This portrait on the coin has a resolution of 3000 dpi

With this font, which is only 0.01 mm high, it is even possible to mark the bevels of gemstones. Even a strong magnifying glass is not enough to read this writing.

Standalone laser devices