The application possibilities of laser technology in engineering are almost unlimited.


Marking with simple and complex geometries, up to letter and character sequences.


Laser engraving is a surface treatment with optical or tactile changes.


Labeling is the application of numbers and characters.


Cutting is the removal of material through the entire workpiece. The resulting cut can be designed in the way that it divides the workpiece into several parts.


Welding is the connection of several workpieces with a fixed bond. To do this, the workpieces are melted at the point of contact so that they merge and form a solid bond.


Microprocessing is the machining of structures smaller than 1 mm, i.e. in the micrometer range. We, the laser-mikrotechnologie, are able to proceed structures smaller than 1 micrometer, depending on apllication.

The various applications from the macro range (marking, engraving, labeling, cutting and welding) can be used for micromachining.

Special applications

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